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Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


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Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Music for Sound Healing

By Steven Halpern

This CD is an collection of sound therapy music, spanning Steven Halpern's 35-year career. It uses the electric and grand piano, flute and harp to create a sound which transports you to a place of calm, balance and inner peace.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Solfeggio Tones

Similar to the Tibetan chants, listen to the Solfeggio Tones in their full glory in a sequence composed by Dr. Len Horowitz.

In the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, Dr. Len Horowitz shares six frequencies decoded from the King James Bible that are believed to be the ancient Solfeggio music scale.

These six Solfeggio frequencies from the Solfeggio scale are: 396 G, 417 Ab, 528 C, 639 Eb, 741 Gb, and 852 Ab.

These tones are produced in this digitally mastered CD in various combinations as specified by Dr. Len Horowitz.

How do I use this CD?

To use this sound therapy CD, simply listen to it as and when you feel it is appropriate.

Research in the field of BioWaves Sound Therapy suggests that sound can have extremely profound effects on the body, mind and emotions. Please use this CD with care, as the frequencies contained on it can be powerful. Let your body and emotions be your guide.


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Solfeggio Music with Gary Lamb

By Gary Lamb with Solfeggio Tones

This beautiful CD incorporates into the music the Solfeggio Tones decoded from the Bible by Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Len Horowitz.

Gary Lamb was very kind to let us adapt his music. You can visit Gary Lamb's web site to see his other music.

On this CD the Solfeggio Tones (see above) are inter-woven into the background of contemporary, easy listening music.

Playing time is 56 minutes.

Listen to excerpt from this lovely Solfeggio Music CD.


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Spinal Scan CD

By BioWaves, LLC

This sound therapy CD loops through a set of specific frequencies intended to vibrate each bone in your spine.

Listening to this CD should not generate any feeling of vibration in your spine. Nor should you necessarily feel more relaxed or energized. The effects of sound therapy are more subtle.

It is possible that you may notice your vertebrae feel more aligned, or that you have a slight change in your sitting position or an increased range of motion of you back.

These frequencies are very low, so we advise that you consider listening with headphones.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Tibetan Singing Bowls

By Danny Becher

Besides the musical effect of the singing bowls and a China gong, pulsating sounds between the left and right side bowls create a vibrational pattern. This pattern can tune the brainwaves into alpha and theta states. A balancing and harmonizing effect between the left and right side of the brain is created.

Three Selections:


Opens with a multitude of sounds to finally reach a state of sustained tone from one Tibetan and one Thai bowl. This creates a "quietness of mind" so that the consciousness is lifted up and ready to receive the vibrations you need.


A "planet suite" that aims to combine the micro-cosmos with the macro-cosmos. Every planet in the Universe has its own sound. Even in the early stages of history, scientists were fascinated by the "harmony of the spheres." By mathematical calculations, certain basic frequencies can be attributed to the different planets.

In this musical expression, a combination of singing bowls is used corresponding to the sounds of the planets.


Brings the mind in an even deeper state of concentration and quietness. It's balancing effect creates theta waves in the brain. Theta waves offer the mind the possibility to resonate with our creative part.

RUN TIME: 70 minutes.


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Crystal Bowl Healing

By Steven Halpern

Since human tissue is more crystalline than fluid, it resonates in a harmonious and transformative manner with the vibration of the crystal singing bowl.

In this CD, Steven Halpern uses classic frosted, clear, Egyptian Blue, Aqua 24-K Gold and tuning fork bowls to create a meditative tapestry.


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Seven Metals: Singing Bowls of Tibet

By Benjamin Iobst

"Some years ago Tibetan singing bowls got into my blood and while exploring their sound wave phenomena it occurred to me to see what effect they might have on my bodywork clients," writes Iobst. "The most typical response . . . was that the bowls brought their focus so much into the present moment that it was difficult or impossible to be distracted by intruding thoughts or worries."

This recording features 25 Tibetan singing bowls, bamboo and metal wind chimes, and tingsha bells. Superb for yoga, meditation, massage, Reiki or simply relaxing. 56 peaceful minutes of listening.

"An extraordinary recording performed by a master.," - Jonathan Goldman, HEALING SOUNDS.

"Seven Metals explores the amazing sounds of resonant bells. It is a sound adventure for the spirit." - Don Campbell, THE MOZART EFFECT

Seven Metals is pure sound that is the most relaxing, meditative and transportive album I've ever heard. Benjamin Iobst has recorded the sounds of tranquility!" - Richard Fuller, Sr. Editor - METAPHYSICAL REVEIWS


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


The Lost Chord

By Jonathan Goldman

2001 Runner Up Visionary Award Winner

"Best Meditation/Healing Album of the Year"

Sound therapy CD designed for deep meditation and healing.

Mantras, overtones and chants with psycho-acoustic frequencies.


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by Ani Williams

3-Volume, 12-Tone CD Set ( 60-minutes each CD)

The Songaia Sound System is a system of sound therapy medicine which incorporates both listening to and toning specific notes of the music scale.

Each note correlates with emotional and physical patterns and, using the appropriate sound, may accelerate the healing process.

Each energy center of the body has a specific color, tone, vowel and gland that is related to it as shown on our Energy Center Tone Chart.

This chart is included with this 3-CD set.

The Songaia 12-Tone Set combines the healing effects of the natural harmonic resonance of harp, Tibetan bells, overtone chanting, didjeridu and whale song.

Listen to excerpt from this lovely Songaia CD.

This chart may be purchases separately. See Songaia Chart.


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Medicine Song I

By Ani Williams

Medicine Song I comes complete with a chant book and sound therapy CD using powerful ancient Hindu, Indian and Tibetan mantras. This album is an inspiring and important tool for transformation and healing.

In the great spiritual texts of India, mantras and sacred sound are said to be the most direct path to liberation. The current popularity of chant and sound as a method of healing is indicative of not only the tremendous need of a world out of balance, but also that we live at a time of changing epochs and a time of great opportunity to change and reach a new level of supreme enlightenment. The ancient Lamas of Tibet predicted that in this time, Shambhala would be close at hand, and that humanity would have a rare window of fortunate blessings to assist in awakening consciousness.

Mantras are made up of combinations of seed syllables (Bija) and because of their inherent benevolent nature, can never be used for harm. Chanting or recitation of mantras is always done with a clear intention of benefiting others, and dedicating the merit for the good of all sentient beings. The combining of sacred sound with clear intention is the ancient alchemical formula for conscious creation.

In my years of practice with mantra and sound as medicine, I have had many extraordinary experiences and been witness to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings in myself and others. Chanting is a way to clear limiting patterns and conditions and also a way to bring harmony, balance, clarity, and increased energy into ones life and for others. When sacred sound is uttered it is said to never end, reaching out beyond the stars. That is the infinite nature of harmonics. Great Fortunate-Blessings in your chanting to benefit our beautiful world. - Ani Karma Shiway Pemo

Sing along

For maximum effectiveness, it is suggested that you sing, tone or hum along. The voice vibrates your whole body, and helps lead to great health and wholeness.

Listen to excerpt from this lovely Medicine Song I CD.


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Medicine Song II

by Ani Williams

Medicine Song II comes complete with a chant book and sound therapy CD using powerful ancient Hebrew chants, along with Aramaic, Egyptian and Chinese chants inspired by the Pistis Sophia Gnostic texts and dedicated to Sophia and Mary Magdalene's praise song. This album is an inspiring and important tool for transformation and healing.

This beautiful and powerful collection was completed just eleven days before the September 11 events. During the first three weeks of September, Ani was on tour with these chants, in peace concerts, on radio and television, encouraging people of all traditions to chant for the well-being of all people and the earth. This recording comes with an informative and illustrated booklet, and the transformative chants include harp, rich vocals, violin, viola, flute and middle-eastern percussion.

Sing along

For maximum effectiveness, it is suggested that you sing, tone or hum along. The voice vibrates your whole body, and helps lead to great health and wholeness.

Listen to excerpt from this lovely Medicine Song II CD.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Intuition Builder

Have you ever woken up from such a deep sleep that it took you several minutes to readjust to the waking world? The Intuition Builder CD is designed to help you get to these deeper levels of sleep using Binaural Beat Technology. It may take you into a whole other world of sleep.

Listen to a sample of this CD.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Holy Harmony

By Jonathan Goldman with Sarah Benson

Contains two never before released Sacred Sounds: tuning forks of the complete Healing Codes of the Bible combined with the beautiful choral chant of YHSVH.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Medicine Buddha

By Jonathan Goldman

Two recordings - Medicine Buddha Mantra and Heart of Wisdom Sutra.

Chants from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Features Tibetan overtone chanting, vocal harmonics, choral voices, Tibetan singing bowls and bells, native flute, guitars, drums, whale sounds and Pythagorean tuning forks.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Chakra Suite

By Steven Halpern

Music for Meditation, Healing and Inner Peace

This chakra balancing sound therapy CD uses the luminous tones of the electric piano to resonate each chakra or energy center with its corresponding keynote of sound. The exquisite sounds spiral up your spine to the top of your head resulting in a higher rate of vibration for body, mind and spirit.

For those who have only a little time to spend, there is a 2 minute and a 6 minute bonus tune-up selection.


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Chakra Chants

By Jonathan Goldman

1999 Visionary Awards ALBUM OF THE YEAR, "Best Album Overall" and "Meditation/Healing."

Unlike some chakra resonance recordings which use computerized sounds that may have little therapeutic value, Jonathan Goldman has produced this sound therapy chakra meditation for chakra balancing CD which has an "eminently listenable, gloriously rich, harmonic sound ripe with deeply resonant overtone chanting for therapeutic listening experience that is both gentle and powerful." (PJ Birosik, Nationally Syndicated Reviewer)


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Chakra Chants 2

By Jonathan Goldman

The long awaited follow-up to the Chakra Chants CD.

A sonic environment designed to balance and align the 7 chakras; this recording combines Jonathan Goldman's knowledge of the spiritual and scientific aspects of sound to create a musical masterpiece of healing and transformation. Listen to this hour of soothing and relaxing sacred sounds and experience the potential healing benefits.

Includes a 16 page instruction booklet.


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Chakra Dance

By Jonathan Goldman

As the title indicated, this CD is for dancing, chakra dancing. With a mix of ancient sacred sounds and modern dance beats, this sound therapy chakra balancing music is guaranteed to get your feet moving.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Light Music

To Clear & Align the Chakras (Energy Centers)

By Richard Shulman

Sound therapy CD to clear and align the seven chakras.

Synthesizer music begins in the Key of C for the Root Chakra (red) and continues to the Key of B for the Crown Chakra.


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The Yoga of Sound - Three CD Set

Publish by The Relaxation Company

In this set of meditation music CDs, Russill Paul masterfully blends the power of ancient chants with an ensemble of traditional Indian and contemporary instrumentation. Instructions are included to teach the actual mantras as well as meditation techniques to help gain the most benefit from this unique practice.

This CD set will introduce you to the use of sound to facilitate emotional balance, vitality, freedom from stress as well as expand the sense of your inner space.

CD One:

SHABDA YOGA is a 3000-Year-Old tradition based on Hindu Vedas, considered to the oldest spiritual texts in the world. Shabda Yoga practitioners use mantras to experience the benefits which can flow from higher energies within.

CD Two:

SHAKTI YOGA introduces you to the Tantric tradition of using sounds to stimulate the flow of the body's subtle energy centers or "chakras." This yoga and charka meditation music product can help with charka energy balancing and clearing. It can also enhance your senses, heighten sensuality and help establish a deep connection to your body.

CD Three:

HAVA YOGA is the practice of using exquisite, melodious chants to experience the rapture associated with connecting to the Divine. Chanting these ancient words can bring you a sense of inner freedom, liberation and profound love.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Inner Peace

By Steven Halpern

"Steven Halpern is a musical magician, a healer with sound. His music has helped millions experience transformative moments that lead to greater wholeness and happiness. Music is one of the most powerful healing forces available to humans, and Halpern wields this medium with immense skill." - Larry Dossey, MD, Best-selling author, Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words

"You can feel the peace in this music immediately. It resonates on all levels - body, mind and soul - and leaves you feeling at peace and in harmony with your Self and your world." - Leading Edge Review.

Millions of us have discovered the blessings of using healing and relaxing music to nurture and support our physical and spiritual well-being. INNER PEACE is how listeners describe the mood created by this atmospheric tone poem.

Listen and you may notice that you're breathing more deeply and slowly, that your body feels a bit 'lighter' and that you're reconnecting with the oasis of peace that exists within each of us.

The sustained deep tones and scintillating higher frequencies orchestrate a subtle energy field of love and pure listening pleasure. This award-winning composer's music will relax your body, quiet your mind and soothe your soul, today and for years to come.

Play the music softly in the background, and enjoy it as 'sonic incense' for yoga, massage, and relaxation. Listen with headphones and the exquisite tonal textures and lush orchestration transport you even more effectively to a place that feels like home.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Perfect Fifth Meditation Drone CD

Relaxing and comforting.

This CD incorporates the power of specific musical intervals to assist in meditating. It is a perfect 3:2 interval, as in C to G.

We're sure you'll enjoy this potent combination of powerful CD's and Tapes. You can listen to samples of all three in the series. See below for the other's in this series.

Buy the whole set and save! See below.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


Tri-Tone Meditation Drone CD


This CD incorporates the power of specific musical intervals to assist in meditating. The tones are C and F# ("Tri" tone is a misnomer.) According to church legend, this is the Diablo frequency. These tones are often used in horror films. Even though they sound rough and uncomfortable, they have been shown to be THE balancing interval.

Sound therapy uses this interval predominantly.

Listen to samples of all three in the series.

Buy the whole set and save! See below.


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Phi-Tone Meditation Drone CD

A heartening sound.

This CD's incorporates the power of specific musical intervals to assist in meditating. Phi tone is a non-musical interval that is related to the natural phi ratio. It is suggested that this tone is important in harmonics and occurs in nature in many forms, from the positioning of petals on most plants to the ratio of bone lengths in the human body.

Listen to samples of all three in the series.

Buy the whole set and save! See below.


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Meditation Drone CD Set

This set contains all three recordings listed above.

Listen to samples of all three in the series.


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Music for Massage

by Stephen Halpern

Steven Halpern is the world's leading composer and recording artist of music for relaxation, wellness and massage. His use of tone, harmony and silence are masterful, evoking the "relaxation response".

Massage Magazine reports that "Steven Halpern's music is the #1 soundtrack for's in a class by itself."

His music awakens the healing powers of the client's mind and body. It also enhances the therapeutic benefits and pleasures of massage.

The perfect massage accompaniment is provided by the soft caress of a soothing grand piano, electric piano, flute and angelic choir. Tensions melt away, muscles relax and rapport increases.

According to Gretchen Spiro of the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, "Steven's music immediately creates a healing atmosphere that is truly ideal for massage."


1) Eternally
2) Pachelbel's Canon
3) Towards The One
4) Dawn
5) Radiance
6) Dream Weaver
7) Chakra Tuning
8) Deep Bamboo
9) Light In Your Eyes
10) Eventide


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By Deva Premal

With her transcendent voice layered in a chorus of lush harmonies, Deva Premal expresses the ancient wisdom of mantra.

DAKSHINA leapt to Number 1 in New Age Charts and to #13 in Amazon's mainstream music charts on the first day of its release.


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By Deva Premal

"The long awaited new record from Deva Premal, finds this best-selling singer at the height of her art, expressing the ancient wisdom of mantra through a contemporary musical vision." - White Swan Music USA

On Embrace, Deva Premal expresses the ancient wisdom of mantra through a contemporary musical vision. Her radiant voice floats above a sensual Eastern groove provided by some of today's finest world fusion artists.


Music Therapy and Sound Therapy CDs


The Essence

By Deva Premal

"One of the definitive Chant Albums of the last 20 years." - Common Ground Magazine, USA

This is Deva Premal's debut album. It is one of the most popular mantra New Age music albums, becoming a best seller in the USA and Europe.



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