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Songaia CD

Songaia CD Listen to samples of the Songaia CD.


Songaia by Ani Williams

3-Volume, 12-Tone CD Set ( Each CD is 60 minutes)

The Songaia Sound System is sound therapy medicine which incorporates both listening to and toning specific notes of the music scale.

Each note correlates with emotional and physical patterns and, using the appropriate sound, may accelerate the healing process.

Each energy center of the body has a specific color, tone, vowel and gland that is related to it as shown on our Energy Center Tone Chart.

This chart is included with this 3-CD set.

The Songaia 12-Tone Set combines the healing effects of the natural harmonic resonance of harp, overtone chanting, Tibetan bells, didjeridu and whale song.

Click on a button to hear excerpts from these CDs. Click again to stop the sound.



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